Collaborative writing


Some «collective» users are looking for a way to write collaborative texts together. 

«collective» offers the possibility to write documents together, but the options are limited.

Here you can find a selected list of possibilities for collaborative writing:


Limit your dashboard view


You can restrict your dashboard to certain spaces. 

For example are the recent discussions from the sandbox space always displayed as standard on the dashboard.

If you are not interested in the contents, you can hide them as follows:

  • Go to "Customize this page" on your dashboard:

  • Open "Settings" from the "Recent discussion" part:

  • Configurate the view.
    To exclude the sandbox space content select "Limit to groups of current user":

  • Save all your settings.:


Profile menu


After login your profile name and picture will appear on the right side in the orange menu bar. The name and the picture give you access to the profile menu. 

The following profile menu functions are available to you from every page in «collective»:

  1. Dashboard: Your personal dashboard with recent changes and updates.

  2. Edit profile: You get access to the "account info" where you can change password, display name, add a picture and so forth.

  3. Log out: Here you can leave «…


Configure menu of an administrator


If you open the configure menu on the "space home" page as admin, the following options are available to you:

  1. Change layout: You can change the layout of the visited page. 

  2. Customize this page: You can change the content and sidebar settings.

  3. Config: You can manage people, appearance, menu, permissions, taxonomy and more. 

  4. Content: You reach a table with all contents of the space. 

  5. Map: Site map of the space…


How can I configure notifications?


You can subscribe to notifications for individual pages, dates, and areas.

How can I configure these notifications?

In the account menu you find the item "Settings". This is the entry to the "Notification Settings". Here you can manage and configure your notifications.

Here you can adjust all settings according to your preferences.

If you open "Subscribed Content ▶", you will be taken to a page where you can see the pages for which you have subscribed to a notification.

Here you have the possibility to unsubscribe from the…


How can I archive content?


You can archive content if you wish.
You can do this via the "configure" menu on the page/section you want to archive. To do this, select the menu item "Archive This".

You will be asked: "Are you sure you want to archive this item? You may be unable to access it after archiving."
After archiving, you can still access the archived documents, pages and spaces.
Select "Archive This" or "Cancel" to process. 

To archive files, please open the "view metadata" of the file and select "Archive This" from the "Configure" menu as described above. 



Where can I find a space map?


In every space there is the possibility to have a look at the structure of a space.
You can open the overview on the "space home" page. Please open the settings menu in the upper right corner of the page. Then the option "Map" is at your disposal. 

The map can look like this:

You can go directly to the sections by clicking on "view" of the section. 


Administrative Options

If you are admin of a space, you can add new sections and subspaces via the "site map". 

How to insert a table


Open the toolbars:

Inser the table:

Edit the table:

Fill in the content:

Edit the table if necessary: 


column 1column 2
row 1row 2

Revision Management


You can compare and restore different versions of a document in the document section. 

To use this function you need editor rights. Please contact collective@mpdl.mpg.de to get them assigned.

How To:

Create a document in a document section. You can recognize the document section by the icon in the menu. 

If you have created a new document, the "Revisions" function is not yet available. You cannot open the "Revisions" menu until the document has been changed for the first time. You can…


How much does it cost?


«collective» is provided as a service by the Max Planck Digital Library and free of charge for MPG members and invited colleagues from other institutes. 

How to order sections in the menu


The blue space menu is sorted alphabetically. 

If you want to change the order in the menu, you could rename the sections link title and prefix an appropriate letter or number.

It could look like this:

iCal calendar function


Below every calender you find an iCal-button. 

General information regarding iCal
iCalendar (iCal) is a data format for exchanging calendar content. It "is used and supported by a large number of products, including 

  • Google Calendar, 
  • Apple Calendar (formerly iCal), 
  • IBM Lotus Notes,
  • Yahoo! Calendar, 
  • Evolution (software), 
  • eM Client, 
  • Lightning extension for Mozilla Thunderbird and 
  • SeaMonkey, and
  • partially by Microsoft Outlook and 
  • Novell GroupWise." (Wikipedia: …

Who can edit a document page?


In the document/wiki section every member can read the document pages. But only administrators can create and change a document page. To get the permission to be an administrator please contact the «collective» support or space administrator. 
You can see the current permissions in the "Members" area. You find the members area on the space home page in the right corner: 

The members area looks like this:

Roles for registered users


In «collective» there are different roles for registered users in a space:

  • Member of a space has the ability to access & comment on content. He/she is able to modify and delete their own content. 

  • An Administrator has the right to change a space with access to the technical dashboard. The «collective» support can appoint an administrator.

You can see the current member situation of a space on the space homepage in the upper right corner.

How to add a menu link in your section menu


If you are creating a new section in your workspace (only administrators can do this) and you want this section to be displayed in your section menu, please note that the option "Disabled: Allow items to be placed under this section, but prevent display in section menu." should be inactive. If you set a check mark, the section will not be displayed in the menu. 

How to invite a team?


In order to work together in a space, a person must be registered to «collective» and must be added to the selected space. There are different possibilities to do that:

  • Advise the team members to register to «collective».Every registration has to be confirmed by the support and for each registration the support needs the information which space the person wants to work. It would help to have a list of expected new registrations for a space to speed up this process. With this list the support can assign new registries…

How to customise a section


Visit the section you want to customise. As an administrator you can edit the section. If you are not an administrator please contact the workspace responsible or the «collective» support. 


Here are the main options shown:

If you create or vistit an entry in «collective» you have the possibility to inform colleagues or team members by an e-mail generated by the system via the option "Notification". 

The people or teams that will be informed about an update are listet under the input field.

You can subscribe yourself as well to some content: