Become a part of «collective»

Become a part of «collective»

«collective» is a web based platform which allows you to work together with your colleagues and project partners within a collaborative workspace worldwide.
A workspace can be arranged and structured flexibly: there can be areas for the whole institute/organisation but also for certain departments, groups etc. In these areas you can adjust the sections blog, wiki, file section, calendar, task list and dashboard as required.

Start your own space:

  • Manage your project online
  • Simplify your team organisation
  • Inform your group or globally
  • Discuss in a safe forum

Communicate, share, discuss and comment data, results, ideas, plans, concepts and visions publicly or privately.

«collective» is a customised version of the open source software Open Atrium based on Drupal and is provided as a service by Max Planck Digital Library. The MPDL hosts «collective» in-house and takes care of maintenance and backups.

How to start:

  1. Register or contact «collective» support to set up a space
  2. Individualise your space
  3. Invite your team
  4. Collaborate & communicate

For more information and help, please contact the «collective» support:
and visit: