Welcome to «collective»

«collective» is a web-based platform that allows you to work together with your colleagues and project partners within a collaborative workspace.

Workspaces can be structured hierarchically so that there can be areas for the whole institute/organization but also for certain departments or groups or teams etc.
You can interact with your colleagues and project partners worldwide and communicate, share, discuss and comment on data, results, ideas, plans, concepts, and visions.

«collective» is a customized version of the open-source software Open Atrium and is provided as a service by the Max Planck Digital Library.

The «collective» platform offers the following functionalities:

  • Spaces for institutes, departments, project teams, etc.

  • Multiple differentiation possibilities of permission setting (public and private groups or spaces which can be structured hierarchically)

  • Within your workspace, you can have calendars, document sections (e. g. to make a wiki), and areas to upload and structure your files/data

  • You can also start discussions and do simple project management by using the task lists tool within your workspace

The «collective» team will be glad to establish the working area you require within the «collective» platform.


For access to «collective» register here or contact the team using collective@mpdl.mpg.de.

First Steps

To get an overview of the platform you can make a "site tour". It will show you basic functionality by taking you on a «collective» circuit and giving you information about the various spots you are "visiting".

You can call up a site tour from every point of the «collective» application by clicking on the "?" symbol on the right side of the orange menu bar above. These are the site tours you can visit:

You can also take your first own steps in the "sandbox space".